Our Mission

Kayne LaGraize is revolutionizing new construction right here in Arabi, Louisiana. 
Due to Kayne’s unprecedented real estate forecasting, design skills and passion for his local community, he was able to secure these lots in Arabi far below current market value. He is now passing those savings on to you which is why these LB homes are worth far more than the sale price. Don’t miss out on these special edition homes. Our revolutionary new development strategy is making Arabi the Apex of Deep South charm - Contact Us Today for your new home!


What an amazing time, we could not be more excited about the LaGraize Builders NEW home builds. Every house is designed with foresight into attention to the smallest details. Countless amounts of inspiration went into not only the interior of these homes but also the exterior. To point out a select few features:

1.) We incorporated the existing thriving trees on each property into the design process

2.) Hardwood Floor System with Superior Dtructural Integrity

3.) Created even more space for storage 

4.) Created more porch space and made sure your outdoor entertainment on the larger porches will be shaded from the evening sun.

Sparing even the smallest detail is something we just can not do!

Our homes are built with passion. We believe in using only premium grade materials from the foundation to the finish. Over the last 5 years LaGraize Builders has performed extensive work in renovating a wide variety of historic homes including but not limited to mid 19th century Creole Cottages, Storefronts,  Italianate Shotguns, Arts and Crafts Firehouse, early 20th century bungalows and Shotgun Camelbacks just to name a few. Through our dedication to renovating these homes in our Historic Neighborhoods, we have gained vast experience which has provided us with the professional knowledge, unique techniques and an abundance of resources. Our homes were built to last a lifetime and beyond. These are truly one of a kind homes you just can't miss out on. 


Why Choose LaGraize Builders

Quality Over Quantity

Our development of these homes will ensure these neighborhoods remain an integral part of the Deep South's charm along the Lower Mississippi River.


LaGraize Builders has cherry picked an amazing lineup of properties that are available now or soon to be available. Email Kayne@LaGraizeBuilders.com for more details.

Construction & Development

Promoting positive energy through creative design with an authentic quality build that every homeowner deserves. Contact LaGraize Builders today and let us find you the dream home you always wanted.