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Lara Schultz, Realtor

St. Claude Heights, The Heights, Arabi Homes For Sale, Historic Holy Cross, Arabi Real Estate, Bywater

Office : (504) 799-1702
Mobile : (504) 338-2587
Fax : (504) 799-1702

Lara is the premier real estate agent In these locations, including: Historical Holy Cross, St. Claude Heights, and Bywater areas. Her expertise and professionalism exceeds all expectations - let Lara help find you a home today! Call today!


Our Mission

“LaGraize Builders is dedicated to consistent innovative development of the Historic Bywater, Holy Cross and Arabi neighborhoods promoting positive energy through creative design with an authentic quality build that every homeowner deserves. Our development of these homes will ensure these neighborhoods remain an integral part of the Deep South's charm along the Lower Mississippi River. We have an amazing lineup of properties, both historic renovations and now new construction, that are available for sale.”

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Office : 250 Friscoville Ave., Arabi, LA 70032
Tel : (504) 682-2460
Fax : (504) 682-2460

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